KRINI®. The brand with a face.

On the new KRINI® packaging I am more present than ever with my picture, quality promise and signature. Not a recommendation of “imaginative” marketing specialists, but again the conscious decision of a solely responsible entrepreneur, who together with his hard-working team gives his best every day and stands for it. For a similar brand appearance, large corporations invent “fantasy figures”, which are advertised with great effort in the well-known media.

Relationships, values & partnerships.

The long-term success of KRINI® in a strongly price-driven market environment is based to a large extent on trusting relationships. From the farmer to the end consumer we are united by a healthy understanding of values. Therefore short-term profits do not motivate us in principle, but sense and sustainability do.


Independence, Growth & Customer Recommendations.

Because dependencies often force compromises, KRINI® is owner-managed and independent of corporations or investors. As a very healthy company we grow organically and often through customer recommendations. We are proud of this.


The difference between price and value.

With the slogan “SINCE 1962. HONORABLE GOOD.” the company has earned the trust of quality-conscious people who know the difference between price and value. You can’t be a price leader with this stringent quality strategy.


No advertising.

KRINI® specialities, which are on the shelves of our dealer customers and are used in private households, are our distinctive advertising media. We deliberately do not invest in advertising of any kind or expensive gift packaging. We much prefer to invest in permanently unmistakable qualities.

The best of the best.

As a genuine brand manufacturer, we win the best manufacturers in the respective procurement market for KRINI®, who share our understanding of quality and values, but also have the necessary know-how and technology to produce extraordinary specialties under the KRINI® brand name.


Safety & Swabian thoroughness.

It is worth mentioning that KRINI® has not had a single recall or other turbulence in almost 60 years of company history. So much for Swabian thoroughness. Also a result of the high quality standards of our supply partners, who of course all have the necessary quality/safety certificates.


Regardless of this, we have been cooperating closely with the Analytical Institute Bostel in Stuttgart for decades.


Lived customer proximity

We not only cultivate, no, as a distinctly customer-oriented medium-sized company we seek close contact with our customers. In practice they experience that every team member at KRINI® takes care of their wishes and questions immediately.

The Top Brand 2020 of the Lebensmittel Zeitung


The Top Brand of the Lebensmittel Zeitung is one of the most respected awards for effective brand management in the German-speaking world.

Every year, as part of the GfK Consumer Scan carried out by the independent Nuremberg-based market research institute, purchases from 30,000 households across Germany, as well as around 5,000 product brands from various product groups, are analyzed by GfK for the following parameters.

Decisive for the Top Brand in the respective product group:


  1. highest market share increase from 2018 to 2019,
  2. continuously increasing development without a slump in turnover and sales,
  3. at least 1% buyer reach in 2018 and 2019 and thus relevant market significance
  4. Launch no later than May 2018


The award of the KRINI® brand as Top Brand 2020 is also of special significance due to the fact that KRINI® has fulfilled the demanding criteria without special offer business from the discount sector.

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